Savings and security in the palm of your hand.

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Faster Fuel - Savings and Security in the Palm of Your Hand.


Introducing the FASTER Fuel Card. Powered by AtoB, this fuel card helps you stay on top of your fleet's biggest operating expenses.

Real-Time Data Synced to Your Account

Each time your fleet uses their FASTER Fuel card, real-time data is sent directly to your FASTER Web system, thus providing you with accurate information on meters, mileage, costs, and fuel usage.

Save BIG on Fuel

Companies who use an AtoB powered fuel card save on average $0.43/gal on fuel nationwide.

Tech-Enabled Anti-Fraud & Misuse Prevention

Stay in charge of your fleet's fuel spend. Once paired with telematics, proactively block transactions based on fuel level and card/vehicle vicinity. Simply put: Only authorized users filling an authorized vehicle are privy to use your FASTER Fuel Card.



Cost-cutting, control, and convenience. The FASTER Fuel Card powered by AtoB helps you stay on top of your fleet's biggest operating expenses.

  • The In-app Fuel Finder tool saves an average $0.21/gal when you use the app to find the cheapest fuel near you.
  • From day 1, receive $0.03 - $0.84/gal off your bill at AtoB merchant partners with a minimum $0.02/gal everywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Unlock the Driver App after 90 days - an exclusive in-network discount up to $0.25/gal nationwide.
  • Accepted anywhere Visa is.
  • Receive cashback on maintenance, tires, washes, and more!
  • Transparent, minimal monthly fees - no out-of-network, transaction, ACH fees, or high interest rates.

Customizable. Efficient. Control.

  • Set operational hours, desired merchants, and customize expense type permissions. Switch settings based on locations, staffing, and more.
  • Optimize your reporting and control by prompting drivers for vehicle numbers, odometer, or employee number.
  • Your fuel card integrates with your FASTER Web system. Monitor your data in real-time to become more efficient with your entire fleet's operation.