Benefits of Fleet Integration

Top 5 Benefits of Fleet Integration and Efficiency Add-ons

July 2, 2021 by Dionne Carlos

The benefits of utilizing fleet integration add-ons, and efficiency add-ons will not only enhance the power of your fleet software but also streamline business processes and operations. Check out these top 5 benefits.

  1. Reduced cost with optimized productivity, and better communication. Since add-ons are prebuilt, you can avoid costly customizations.
  2. Reduced manual data entries and data entry errors
  3. Improved data accessibility from one software vs. accessing multiple platforms for data
  4. Make better decisions with richer insight of integrated data
  5. Integrate legacy systems instead of making costly replacements

Each fleet has different needs

When searching for a Fleet Management System ensure the software provides efficiency add-ons, and integration add-ons to avoid costly customizations.

That is why FASTER has designed solutions around the most requested business needs. FASTER offers a wide array of cost saving add-ons that give you greater efficiency and ease of use while satisfying specific business needs.

 Some Examples on How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Data With Add-ons

  • Create triggers for service requests, pending repairs, and critical maintenance alerts
  • Import telematics data
  • Make asset reservations
  • Scan and print labels
  • Import data from your fuel vendor
  • Import parts data and issue parts to work orders
  • Create targeted reports and dashboards
  • Any many more!

Leverage the latest technology and cost savings of FASTER’s commercial-off-the-shelf add-ons.
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