FASTER MotorPool Asset Sharing, Rental and Reservation System

Reservation System

Motorpool Fleet Management

FASTER MotorPool Asset Sharing, Rental and Reservation System/Add-on

A comprehensive system for managing motor pools, asset sharing, rental and reservations, which is available both as an add-on to FASTER Web and as a standalone system.

With unlimited user access (named accounts), this web-based rental and reservation application is designed for both attended and unattended motor pools. It provides simple and sensible workflow processes that are user friendly for both the customer and end user. Its flexible rate structures, configuration, and consolidated billing provides the ability to seamlessly manage multiple pool locations.

Note: MotorPool is a software application only and does not include key box hardware or telematics hardware and infrastructure.

Motorpool Fleet Management solutions
Motorpool Fleet Management solutions
Motorpool Fleet Management for Reservation Features
Motorpool Fleet Management for Reservation Features

Reservation Features

Discover the powerful features that streamline your reservation process:

  • Equipment warranty tracking from initial claim through receipt of reimbursement
  • Manage an unlimited number of rental/sharing locations
  • Full control of rental types and pricing for all locations
  • Supports short-term and long-term reservations
  • Interactive calendar allows for easy management of all asset dispatches and reservations
  • Batch capability for reservations that have already been dispatched and returned
  • Quick Dispatch feature for fast processing walk-up customers
  • Real-time availability for each location based on user-defined settings
  • Easily update availability of assets currently due for/undergoing maintenance
  • Manage how “no shows” are handled and when they are made available again at location
  • Flexible auto-assignment priority of assets based on selected criteria including asset utilization, age or mileage (available system-wide or by location)
  • Built-in comprehensive email notification system supporting user-defined templates and recipients (e.g., customer, supervisor, dispatcher)
  • User-defined ability to incorporate compliance-related agreements/terms and conditions into the reservation process
  • Supports fully unattended dispatch and return with Key Box integration for 24/7 access (see separate Solution Statement)

Rental/Billing Features

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  • Complete control of rental rates (by mileage, time, etc.) and structures (hourly, daily, weekly) for each rental class and location
  • Flexible billing which allows reservation charges to be billed to one or more groups/accounts
  • Supports shared billing for individual rentals across multiple groups
  • Ability to charge for add-ons fees such as tolls, fueling, cleaning automatically or as-needed
  • Set up automatic charging for cancellations and modification based on a system configurable grace period with override ability
  • Ability to add credits or additional charges to completed/closed reservations when necessary
Motorpool Fleet Management for Rental/Billing Features
Motorpool Fleet Management for Rental/Billing Features
Motorpool Fleet Administrative/System-Wide Features
Motorpool Fleet Administrative/System-Wide Features

Administrative/System-Wide Features

Experience seamless administrative control and powerful capabilities:

  • Business Intelligence with standard reports based on fleet and business best practice
  • Powerful comprehensive searching of reservations (including pending, dispatched, completed and canceled or no shows) with quick exporting of results via multiple formats
  • Web-based architecture inherently supports mobility and geographically diverse locations
  • System allows for flexible multi-level security configuration at user and role levels supporting different permission levels for employee users versus customer users
  • Supports integration with Active Directory
  • Leverages Microsoft SQL environment benefits and standards
  • No client install—since this is a true web-based application, all your client needs is a certified browse

Note: Refer to System Requirements, accessible with FASTER Customer website credentials.

Features for Your Customers

Customer-facing web portal designed specifically for ease of use by your customer base.

24/7 Reservations

Provides rental/asset sharing customers with 24/7 quick and easy access for requesting reservations, modifying reservations and cancelling non-dispatched reservations

Wizard Reservation Process

Wizard style reservation creator walks customers through the reservation process offering only those assets and locations available for that specific customer

VIP User Setup

VIP users can be granted the option to choose a specific asset

Customer Form Acceptance

Customer can review and agree to compliance-related electronic agreements/terms and conditions during the course reserving

Customer Automations

Customers receive automatic system confirmations and notifications related to their reservation

Motorpool Fleet Management web portal
Motorpool Fleet Management web portal