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A New Era
of Fuel Savings

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Faster Fuel - Savings and Security in the Palm of Your Hand.

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A New Era of
Fuel Savings

  • Set operational hours, desired merchants, and customize expense type permissions. Switch settings based on locations, staffing, and more.
  • Optimize your reporting and control by prompting drivers for vehicle numbers, odometer, or employee number.
  • Your fuel card integrates with your FASTER Web system. Monitor your data in real-time to become more efficient with your entire fleet's operation.

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Cost-cutting, control, and convenience. The FASTER Fuel Card powered by AtoB helps you stay on top of your fleet's biggest operating expenses.

  • The In-app Fuel Finder tool saves an average $0.21/gal when you use the app to find the cheapest fuel near you.
  • From day 1, receive $0.03 - $0.84/gal off your bill at AtoB merchant partners with a minimum $0.02/gal everywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Unlock the Driver App after 90 days - an exclusive in-network discount up to $0.25/gal nationwide.
  • Accepted anywhere Visa is.
  • Receive cashback on maintenance, tires, washes, and more!
  • Transparent, minimal monthly fees - no out-of-network, transaction, ACH fees, or high interest rates.

Ben R.

Fleet Manager
Government Administration, 501-1000 employees

"One word: excellence.

The amount of information about my fleet that FASTER captures, and then helps me access, is immense. I am able to track all of my life costs in one place for all of my equipment and vehicles. Accessing reports to show maintenance due, shop activity, or replacement planning is easily obtained."

Paul K.

Fleet Manager
Law Enforcement, 501-1000 employees

"We have had a great working relationship with the support team, and the software is a well-developed package for managing a fleet of vehicles. We are very happy with the software and it has greatly enhanced our ability to manage our fleet."


Keith N.

Fleet Manager
Automotive, 501-1000 employees

"It's a full turnkey fleet management solution backed by a strong support team. They have a process in place for users to submit enhancement requests."


Pam C.

System Administrator
Government Administration, 1001-5000 employees

"Billing of services, maintenance and fuel is seamless. All data input is easily retrieved. We are a Realtime shop. All labor, parts and sublet charges are input hourly/daily. FASTER exports perfectly from their database to Excel. The exporting capabilities are amazing!!!!!"


Melvin G.

Public Works Department Director
Fleet Government Administration, 1001-5000 employees

"Faster, as a company, is the most responsive and most customer oriented software company I have worked with.

This software covers nearly every aspect of fleet management software. This includes, equipment tracking; real-time work orders; parts ordering, inventory management, issuance. It handles fuel inventory and vehicle fuel tracking. Additionally, the Faster software collects and reports on technician efficiency and productivity."


Wayne N.

Fleet Operations Analyst
Utilities, 501-1000 employees

"The robust reporting ability in the software is efficient and with practice and effort will assist in solving many Fleet issues; i.e. Fleet Utilization, Cost comparisons, PM Schedule conformity, and a large list of many other uses to assist with Fleet Management. The Tech Support within the company is phenomenal.

They're always there to assist!"


Jeff H.

Fleet Acquisition Supervisor
Government Administration, 5001-10,000 employees

"Able to fully capture and report Fleet functions to Finance and working departments with the ability to interface with fuel and parts vendors for total accountability. Truly like the ability to export reports to EXCEL and Word for additional customization."


Jeffery H.

Fleet Manager
Automotive, 501-1000 employees

"I have used Faster since 1995 and would highly recommend it anyone managing a Fleet.

The program is easy to use and easy to teach people to use...it is very robust and well thought out."

User Testimonials

Overall total is 4.6 stars.
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  • 4.4 Ease of Use
  • 4.7 Customer Service
  • 4.4 Features
  • 4.5 Value for Money
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