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When Change Hits Your Fleet: Tips to Hit the Ground Running… FASTER

September 08, 2022 by Katharine Wingert

Changes in Today’s Fleet Industry and Creating a Culture for Change

Changes in today’s fleet industry is constant. Whether it’s electrifying your fleet, implementing the newest software, or learning best practices for optimizing utility rates – you can be certain there will be change.

But there’s another non-negotiable: resistance. It is human nature to resist change. Adding new technologies, adopting electrification, ensuring proper EV technician training… it all can be seen as a threat, as change disrupts comfort.

In the most recent Sustainable Fleet Technology webinar, fleet directors shared best practices for creating a culture for change:

Reduce the Burden of Change within Your Fleet

Planning ahead for future pain points will help your organization adapt. For example, for those preparing to electrify their fleet, organizations can offer:

  • Ride & Drives
  • Ask the EV Expert
  • Charging Incentives
  • EV Technician Training
  • Q&A Email Portal
  • Quarterly segments on EVs

Achieving the Goal

There are many challenges when change and resistance are involved. But the objective is simply to reduce the impact on your end goal.

Achieve your organization’s fleet goals with a comprehensive fleet asset management system from initial acquisition planning through disposal or remarketing. FASTER Asset Solutions inherently mobile web-based platform assists with technician retention. Role-based quick-start guides, and dedicated module learning sessions help offset the burden of change in your fleet, by providing continued learning initiatives and stellar client support.

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What is the Sustainable Fleet Technology Webinar Series?

The Sustainable Fleet Technology Webinar Series 2022 is a collaborative partnership between the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, The 100 Best Fleets, & NAFA Fleet Management Association. This is a free webinar series with an objective to accelerate the adoption of the latest technologies, trends and strategies to make fleet operations more efficient and productive. For more information on this series visit: