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PROOF: FASTER Products Help Our Customers Succeed

May 6, 2022 by Peter Bowerman

FASTER customers shine in NAFA 100 Best Fleets ranking—including 50% OF TOP 10—affirming our industry “best-of-breed” designation.

Everyone knows that superior products – whether artisan bread, luxury automobiles, electronics, or, yes, fleet management—start with superior “ingredients.”

In the case of fleet management, for many of them, that superior ingredient is FASTER’s best-of-breed fleet-management system.

FASTER Customer’s Rank in the Top 10 for 2022

How many? Well, in 2022, FASTER customers occupied 50% of the top 10 slots—including the #1 slot (San Bernardino County) —in the NAFA 100 Best Fleets.

Every year, the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) announces their 100 Best Fleets in the Americas. According to the program description, “this program identifies and encourages the ever-increasing levels of performance improvement and innovation within the public-fleet industry.”

The program, which is open to any public fleet in North, Central, or South America, awarded its 100 Best at the NAFA 2022 Institute & Expo, held April 11-13 in Columbus, Ohio. Next year’s NAFA I&E will be in Baltimore, Maryland, April 17-19, 2023.

FASTER is a regular sponsor of the NAFA I&E, and always has a sizable booth and significant presence that can’t be missed.

In 2021, FASTER customers were represented in 41% of that year’s NAFA 100 Best Fleets. What product attributes do fleet professionals frequently cite as reasons for adopting FASTER?

• Web-based
• User-friendly Interface
• Powerful analytics and Reports
• Asset-sharing, rental, and reservations
• Flexible security model to customize user access
• In-product help


Entrants in the 100 Best Fleets competition are judged on the following 12 criteria for excellence:

• Accountability (to document performance and progress towards objectives)

• Use of technology and information (which is reviewed and updated annually)

• Collaboration (encouraging the sharing of ideas among fleet personnel)

• Creativity (to what extent new ideas are encouraged and implemented)

• Celebration (whether they acknowledge and celebrate their success)

• Evidence of a high-trust culture (one that encourages and rewards sharing of ideas)

• Performance recognition (periodic review and recognition of individuals and teams)

• Doing it right the first time (an internal program to minimize repairs)

• Quick, efficient turnaround (measures/documents repair turnaround)

• Competitive pricing (conducts repair-cost comparisons with nearby public fleets)

• Staff development (individualized plans for career growth and development)

• Resources stewardship (a plan for maximizing the use of all resources)

While several of the above criteria speak to an enlightened company culture, FASTER’s industry-leading transit-technology solutions clearly set the stage for excellence in many of the above arenas.

Says FASTER Asset Solutions CEO, Mitch Skyer, “We’re proud to play a part in the success of so many fleet professionals represented in the NAFA 100 Best Fleets. By continuing to both listen to our customers and enhance our offerings through their feedback, we all succeed.”

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