Strategies for Electrifying Your Fleet

Strategies for Electrifying Your Fleet

August 30, 2022 by Dionne Carlos

More than ever before, fleets are being challenged to electrify. Strategies for electrifying your fleet is crucial and understanding your fleet’s charging needs is necessary for optimizing utility rates.

We heard all of this on the Sustainable Fleet Technology Webinar: Charging Strategies & EVSE Readiness Planning. But how do we apply these strategies?

Well, electricity is a fuel source that must be managed like fossil fuels, and these fuel management decisions will determine fuel cost.

Actionable Tips and Strategies

      1.  Import charging station transactions and review charging performance.
      2. Plan ahead and budget appropriately for maintenance needs.
      3. Create a multi-year replacement plan.
      4. Identify vehicles to be placed with EVs based on current utilization.
      5. Right-size your fleet utilizing efficiency metrics.

Solution: Fleet Management Information System

  • Capture kilowatt usage including utility rates for your chargeback billing.
  • Reduced preventative maintenance means lower costs and increased availability.
  • Track charging cycles to maximize battery life.
  • Forecast length of ownership and best opportunity for remarketing.
  • Comprehensive energy usage metrics provide insightful intelligence into your fleet.
  • Optimize vehicle usage and reduce emissions by rightsizing, with analytics supporting capital budget savings.

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What is the Sustainable Fleet Technology Webinar Series?

The Sustainable Fleet Technology Webinar Series 2022 is a collaborative partnership between the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, The 100 Best Fleets, & NAFA Fleet Management Association. This is a free webinar series with an objective to accelerate the adoption of the latest technologies, trends and strategies to make fleet operations more efficient and productive. For more information on this series visit: