Integration Add-ons

Using the latest technology, FASTER has created a wide array of add-ons to meet the most requested integration needs. 

Asset Alerts Import

Import alerts, diagnostic trouble codes, fault codes or issues found.

Asset Alert Results Export

Export the status (fixed or cleared) as well as other details of alerts from FASTER Web.

Asset Birth Certificate Export

Export your FASTER Web birth certificate data and upload into another system. 

Asset Location Import

Import GPS data int your FASTER Web system. 

Asset Meter Readings Import

Import cumulative asset meter readings.

Fuel Import (FI)

Import cumulative asset meter readings.

Inventory Import (IIU)

Issue parts and credits to FASTER Web work orders.

Key Box

Provide attendant-less dispatch and return of MotorPool assets.

VIN Decoder

Scan or manually enter a VIN and have the VIN decoded by the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Web Service APIs

 These APIs will permit FASTER, your IT team or your vendor to build middleware that can connect these APIs to your vendor’s system to create a robust integration.